Monday, October 18, 2010

First entry

Woo! This is my first entry.  I suppose I should state the purpose of this blog. Pretty much a place for me to rant and giggle about my lolita dresses, and other awesome fashion items I find. :3

Last week I bought so many things x_x. Two blouses, two dresses, a ton of socks, and a few accessories. I am not just waiting for the postman to bring them to me, which is a pain seeing as one of the dresses I bought is one of my dream prints, and in my favorite colorway. Mary in the Sky with Candies on black . I'm so excited. ajgasg;lkasg . The other dress I bought was a simple black (with white pinstripe) dress from Metamorphose. I have this thing for pinstripes. lol.

Oh, yesterday was the first time I dressed in full lolita and went to my boyfriends parents house. They all thought it was cute, even his brothers. Which I'm excited. I was very nervous before hand, asking my boyfriend if he was embarrassed because of the way I dress. I've heard so many horror stories of disapproving significant others/ family members it has created a stigma in my mind.  He said he thought it was a little silly, but cute.  He sees how happy it makes me, so shiny in the faceeee.


YellowAzu said...

you should post your own lolita outfits!

Koko said...

I plan to in the future! When I dress lolita later this week I will be sure to snap some pictures.