Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lolita and Rain Coats

It has been an unusually rainy day for Las Vegas.  It figures the one day I want to go out for a walk, it's raining cats and dogs. Pifff.  So It got me to thinking, it would be super cute if there was a raincoat for lolitas. Imagine it, Angelic Pretty put out one of those almost iconic yellow PVC raincoats with rainbows and unicorns spewing all over it. Or perhaps Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, making a light pink raincoat with little bunny ears on the hood, and heart shaped pockets.

So I decided it would be fun to go on google and see if I could find a loli-able raincoat. Of course the only cute rain coats I was able to track down are made for kids(and they aren't exactly zomg rorita. but cute nonetheless):

Both available from DLL Rainwear

I only found one raincoat that might be able to accommodate a petticoat, but it was pretty ugly, and would require a ton of modification to look remotely lolita.

On another completely unrelated topic.I find it quite amusing that when I play starcraft II I pick the most ugly and unloli of all the races, zerg.

Over 9000 hours in photoshop guyz ♥.