Friday, October 22, 2010

I got in my Meta JSK yesterday. It's even cuter in person. I was going to wear it into work today, however it looks really awkward over my all of my blouses.  So I'm gonna have to go bolero hunting this weekend, because I really want to wear it! It's weird looking because of the straps, there are 4 different straps that you can tie together to make different looks. 

I also got in two blouses yesterday, but sadly they don't fit (by A LOT.) Which I'm pretty mad about. The seller said they would fit a 98 cm bust. I have a 92cm bust, so you'd think they'd fit fine. Nope.  So now I'm stuck with two blouses that don't fit .  Probably gonna sell them.

I'm still waiting for my Mary in the Sky with Candies to arrive. I can't wait for it! asdljf;aksg.

I will have a picture post later of my dress. Hopefully the above JSK arrives so I can take a picture of that too!