Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Meme

 I stole this meme from Lolita in Secret. I thought it would be fun, and a way to get to know me better? Or at least my tastes in lolita.


What colours can be found in your Lolita closet?
Black, Pink, Sax

What is your favourite colour with Lolita?
Black, it goes with just about everything, and is flattering.

What is your least favourite colour in Lolita?
Yellow. It doesn't look right on me, so thats why I don't like it XD.

Which uncommon colour do you want to try out?
Mint! It'd be such a change for me. I'm iffy to try it because I don't think it would be a flattering colour on me.


Are you more a Onepiece, Jumperskirt or a Skirt person?
I own mostly JSKs, because they are very versitile, espically in summer. But I like all of them.

Which cut do you like the best?
I love empire waists.

Print or no Print?
I love prints, however a lot of prints don't really look flattering on me. I really like border prints.


What is your favourite style in Lolita?
Probably Gothic.
Which style do you wear regularly?
Gothic, Classic, Sweet
Which style you want to try out?
Something OTT sweet, and deffo guro.

Which style you never want to try out/wear again?
Probably Shiro, it wouldn't be flattering on me. XD


Brands yes or no and why?
I like brand, I own several brand pieces, however I don't consider myself a brand whore. If I like a piece I will buy it, reguardless of who makes it.

Which brand is your favourite?
Moi-Meme-Moitie. However it's hard for me to fit into a lot of their pieces due to my larger bust. *shakes fist*  I also love Victorian Maiden and Baby.

Which is your least favourite brand?
I really don't have a least favorite brand. I like different pieces from just about all brands.

Ever had a good/bad experience with brand?
I've had only good experience with brand. Only bad is missing out on a reserve here or there.

Will this experience encourage/stop you from buying brand?

Did you ever got surprised by a piece of Lolita?
My first brand dress amazed me. Back in the day, I always heard that the quality was far superior, ect. It was just beyond my wildest dreams.

Did you ever got disappointed by a piece of Lolita?
Things that you like about Lolita?
The way it makes me feel. I just feel pretty and like a princess in it. I also love reactions I get, both the good and bad. Little girls are the best. "Mommy is she a princess?" Kyahhh ♥

Things that you dislike on Lolita?
Probably the sexual connotations people think of when they hear the name, or that people think it's a fettish "age-play" type thing. I dress in lolita because it makes me happy.

Do you have a Lolita fashion idol, if 'yes' who is it?
I don't really have one right now, but back in the day it was Mana.

Does Lolita affect your every day life?
Yes. I always think about coords. Or what dress I should save up for next. But it's nothing negitive. I'm not like some girls (no offense) who can't control their spending and go into debt because of it.

Do you buy Lolita related things, like cute looking furniture?
I don't go out of my way to, but I end up because I'm attracted to that aestetic. If I like it I buy it, lolita or not.

Do you read/buy the Gothic Lolita Bible?
I look at scans, I can't read much Japanese but pictures are nice :D.

How to you describe your fashion style to others that don´t know about Lolita?
I don't go out of my way to inform the masses so to say. But when I wear it I tend to get questions. I don't start off saying it's called lolita.(because of the sexual connotations) I say it's a fashion ispired by the Rococo and Victorian Era. I explain that it's not about being sexy, but feeling good on the inside.

Is there something you want to say to your fellow Lolitas?
Don't hate on replicas? Haha there has been a lot of drama over replicas lately, and really? If you don't like it don't buy it. Simple as that. Don't get me wrong I love my burando, but if it's a print that is sold out, or fits me wonky and I can find a replica that fits/ whatever cool. XD


Yllsa said...

I totally agree on your comment about replicas ;)

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with the last post. People cant understand the concept of closing their computer and ignoring it.